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Come with me


Building a company stretches me beyond my imagination. Every day is filled with extreme ambiguity, extreme fear, and extreme joy, somehow all at once. The things I learn and do every day are priceless.

I often write these down in my journal, in private. But I’m realizing that’s not enough. There are many things I’m learning that I want the world to have access to.

Most founders only come out with their glorious stories at the finish line. What about the long, bumpy (but incredibly fun) road in between?

That’s why I’m launching a newsletter to share my journey building TruStory.

What I write about in this newsletter, I can’t say exactly. The point is not to give this structure and meaning, but simply to stop and reflect for a few minutes each week as I continue to build something I am deeply passionate about, and as I continue this trek to the final destination.

You can sign up here:

First one goes out next week 😊