Hey there!

I'm Preethi.

I have a passion for learning and teaching.

I am autodidact that also loves
to teach.

I realized at a young age that all “knowledge” was constructed by people no smarter than you or me. Taking it at face value never satisfied me. Instead, I always sought out to learn it from first principles. This in turn made me a really effective learner, writer, and teacher (all of which I believe are greatly intertwined).

That is how I was able to teach myself pretty much everything I know. Whether it’s math, physics, coding, crypto, or dance ;)

But one problem I see in the world is the dearth of great teachers. Most teachers teach from the perspective of someone who already has mastered that knowledge. There are very few people out there who can explain things with a beginner’s mindset.

That is why you will find that much of my writing (and now videos!) consist of me explaining things from the perspective of a beginner. I have mastered the art of learning and find joy in teaching what I learn in the best way possible. My goal is to empower you the knowledge and skills to be your greatest self.

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