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One thing I believe is sorely missing in modern education is financial literacy.

For example, can you explain what a stock is? What about a bond? Do you know how to analyze whether a stock or bond is a good buy or not?

What about private companies. Do you know how private companies are valued? What does it mean for Airbnb to have a "$18 billion valuation"?

What about crypto? Do you know how crypto works? Or how to think about which crypto assets to buy?

Modern school does a great job teaching us core subjects like math, physics, biology, and history, but barely scrapes the surface of other serious subjects like money. When you start learning about the stock market and cryptocurrency, you quickly realize just how little you know about the thing most of the world revolves around: money.

Hence, the birth of this community.


What happens in the group?

I created this community so that people like you can learn about finance and cryptocurrency through practical, hands-on experience.

Each week, we pick a stock (or bond or crypto token or private company) for us to rigorously debate and analyze together. Anyone in the group could contribute to the debate by posting their analysis of why they believe the financial asset is a BUY or SELL.

Not only that, but we also have intense discussions and debates each day about current events in technology, VC, crypto, and more. These are the types of debates that are impossible to have on Twitter because of the toxic culture and community on Twitter.

Instead, this community is designed to foster open-mindedness and critical thinking, making it possible to have deep intellectual debates that we all are craving right now, as we attempt to seek the truth.

What if you don't know anything about stocks, bonds and cryptos?

That is totally fine. You will learn by reading other people's thought process. Over time, you will gain the confidence to contribute to the debate on your own.

And remember, you don’t have to be an expert in the stock market, tech, VC, or crypto to contribute. Often times, the best way to learn is to ask questions and slowly inch your way to competency over weeks and months.

What if you don't have time to contribute to the debate?

That's fine. We all have busy lives. Contribute when you have time. And step out when you are too busy with life.

Why am I charging for this?

This is not for free loaders who want free advice. It is catered towards people that truly want to learn how to become better thinkers and investors.

Honing in on your thinking and investing skills will pay back dividends for a lifetime.

Did I miss your question? Drop me a line and I will
get back to you within 24 hours.

Here’s what our amazing
community is saying


Acquisitions, Xebec Realty
The best thing I have gained from joining this group is a community. A community of thoughtful people from across the globe that do an awesome job sharing knowledge on a wide array of topics: general investing, books, crypto, and current news. This community has helped me tremendously on my journey for self-improvement, and I plan on being a subscriber for life.


ex-Software engineer, Yahoo
I love being a part of Preethi's investing circle. What I enjoy the most is people with very different mindsets that share their thoughts openly and challenge my understanding and point of view. I have learned a lot about how to value companies, what the tape is telling us, and the role of crypto as a building block that will power the economy in the years to come.

John Stuckey

Pro poker player
Preethi's discord group has been a great place to learn about and discuss financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and the rapidly evolving macroeconomic climate.  The strength of the group comes from tremendous geographic diversity as well as an assorted mix of careers.


ex-Software engineer, Oculus
I've learned a lot from Preethi's group about investing and current events. It's rare to find quality conversations on the internet these days but this is one of them.


Fintech Sales Lead, Investor and Trader
Preethi's investing circle has been a great place to learn, debate and engage with people from different parts of the world across different industries. In addition to being able to discuss a wide range of topics like investing, finance, crypto, book-club, social media and politics, I find it to be an extremely intellectual environment where knowledge, facts and logic ultimately prevail. I highly recommend it!


Hardware engineer, Semiconductors
Preethi’s investing circle has added a new dimension to my investment strategy and portfolio. From bleeding edge cryptocurrency to blue chip stocks there’s always something new to learn from the vibrant community debates and weekly technical analysis!



There are many different ways a business can display customer testimonials — And when determining the best approach...

Sam Kennedy

Marketing Lead, Twitter


There are many different ways a business can display customer testimonials — And when determining the best approach...

Sam Kennedy

Marketing Lead, Twitter


There are many different ways a business can display customer testimonials — And when determining the best approach...

Sam Kennedy

Marketing Lead, Twitter



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