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Is the future of work remote? I don't buy it.

Remote work is on the rise. Once an obscure topic, this paradigm has now entered the mainstream. And it’s creating a growing divide in the way we get things done. On one side, we have staunch supporters who seem to be poetic about the benefits remote work offers. And...

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Some things never get easier

Practice makes perfect, right?Most things in life get easier with experience. Take lifting weights or running, for example. With a little dedication and practice, anyone can become better at these activities. But some things in life aren’t meant to be easy.

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Junior hires are not worth it

One night, I was having dinner with one of my investors. And he said something that has stuck with me since: Founders should fire themselves from as many jobs as possible. At the time, I couldn’t have agreed more. After all, as a founder, your job isn’t to be Superman. You can’t do everything on your own.

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Why I left the best job in the world

Today was my last day at Andreessen Horowitz. I feel deeply fortunate to have worked with some of the smartest people in technology — people like Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz and Chris Dixon among others — and to have learned so much from them while serving the a16z mission of helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams. So why am I leaving?

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